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How to store your lithium-ion battery in winter?


With cold weather here, it can drastically have an impact on battery and lifespan. A proper care for your lithium ion battery is critical for long cycle life and optimal performance. What is the best way to store lithium ion battery? Make sure your battery lives through the winter with these tips. 

1. Regular cleaning of battery

Remember to clean the batteries regularly. The discharge rate of battery can increase because of dirt and corrosion and shorten the life cycle of battery. A ten-minutes cleaning to wipe down the dirt adhered to battery casing and the battery terminals is important for battery life. So, before storing your battery or connecting it to anything, don’t forget to clean it gently and thoroughly. Besides, removing the lithium-ion batteries from the equipment.

2. Keep the lithium battery at a 40%-50% charge level during storage time

In view of the self-discharge of lithium-ion battery, keeping the battery at 40%-50% discharge before a long period storage is necessary because over discharging will lead to irreversible capacity loss of battery and the battery may not be activated again. As you can see from the below table, a moderate temperature and 40% battery charge loses less amount of power. Furthermore, batteries are not items you can put away for the winter and forget about. They have to be checked and maintained throughout the entire time they are in storage.


Therefore, remember to check the battery charge status and partially recharge it but don’t recharge deeply discharged battery so as to prolong the battery life. Also, don’t store the lithium-ion battery at fully charge for it can make the lithium-ion battery stressful. Although the self-discharge feature of battery, the good news is UFO lithium-ion batteries have a lower self-discharge than other battery chemistries.

3. Warm up the battery before charging during the winter storage period

Cold weather increases the internal resistance and lowers the capacity of lithium-ion battery. A warm room, a thermal blanket or a heater near the batteries to help recover the temperature of lithium-ion batteries before charging is useful. Moreover, below freezing, the lithium ions aren’t efficiently captured by the anode which means the anode’s diffusion rate is reduced. Accordingly, the charge current must be reduced to avoid damage of lithium-ion battery.

source: https://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/charging_at_high_and_low_temperatures

4. Choose a dry, cool and temperature-controlled place for storage

The lifespan of lithium-ion batteries can be reduced if they are exposed to extreme heat or cold. Protecting the battery from temperature extremes can prolong battery life. Storing the lithium-ion battery in a favorable temperature and dry place with good ventilation plays a vital role in preventing lithium-ion batteries from corrosion, higher self-discharge rate, internal short and so on. Keeping the batteries in a shed or garage, or take it inside the house is recommended. Do not put the battery with metal objects, so as to avoid contact with corrosive substances of metal objects causing a short circuit or other battery failure.


5. Use high-quality lithium-ion batteries and battery management systems

Modern lithium-ion batteries, like those produced by UFO BATTERY, is a perfect replacement of lead-acid battery and have a better performance in the long run. It has a longer life cycles about 5000 than other battery counterparts. The longevity makes them not only suitable to survive in this winter but also for the days to come. Also, battery technology is vital for protecting batteries against extreme temperatures. For lithium-ion batteries, a battery management system (BMS) ensures lower-capacity cells aren’t overcharged and reduces the risk of lithium-ion batteries going into thermal runaway and causing fires and explosions. To make your lithium-ion battery last longer, consider high quality version with best manufacturer date. In fact, it is more cost-effective.

Lithium-ion battery technology has come a long way. Advances in technology have made them extremely safe and durable enough to withstand the worst condition. Knowing how to store lithium-ion batteries during the winter will only further these benefits.

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