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How to Store Solar Energy UFO Release Wall Mounted Lithium Battery

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The home battery released by UFO POWER is called "Arrow Home Lithium Battery Energy Wall". It is a rechargeable lithium battery designed to store energy in residential houses. It will realize load transfer, power backup, and self-sufficiency in solar power generation. The energy wall contains a wall mounted UFO lithium battery pack, a liquid heat control system, and a set of software that accepts instructions from the solar inverter. This set of equipment will be seamlessly installed on the wall and can be integrated with the local grid to handle excess electricity and allow consumers to use their energy reserves flexibly and

charger for lithium battery.


Specifically, UFO POWER household batteries can be charged at low prices when electricity demand is low, and output electricity during peak demand periods when electricity prices are higher; household battery energy walls can increase the capacity of household solar energy use, and provide electricity when the grid is interrupted. Backup guarantee. It adopts the same architecture, battery management system and technology as the battery, and different powerwall alternatives. But the battery cells are not the same.
UFO home battery energy wall, the appearance is very beautiful, relatively slim
UFO energy wall Powerwall provides 3 versions: a 7kWh/4kwh / 2.4kwh version optimized for daily use. The installer's price is set according to the configuration, with a continuous power of 2kW, a peak power of 3kW, and a charging and discharging energy efficiency greater than 92%. The operating temperature range is minus 20 degrees-minus 50 degrees, and the official shelf life is 5 or 10 years.
In addition, in addition to the household series, UFO POWER also launched corresponding energy storage products for commercial and public utilities. In public utility-scale systems, 100kWh batteries can be combined to expand the capacity to 500kWh to 10MWh+. Through the two-way inverter bound to the grid, these systems can provide continuous pure power output for 2 to 4 hours with lithium battery deep cycle.

The UFO POWER battery pack contains standard LIFEPO4 lithium-ion batteries based on practical tests. This is similar to the products launched by many other companies on the market. Although many companies and academic laboratories are investing millions of dollars in research and development to significantly increase the energy stored in batteries and reduce their costs, the high battery stability of UFO POWER has won many lithium battery agents and lithium batteries Recognition by wholesalers.


First, the price. The price is much lower than expected, and many analysts say that this price will promote widespread use by consumers. UFO POWER`s reservations have reached 2,000 sets, while the pre-orders of Power Pack battery packs for enterprise commercial use are 2,500 orders, and each order includes 10 battery packs, so the total is 25,000. The output for the first half of next year has been booked out.
The user said that the energy storage product does not lie in what new things he invented, nor whether it looks good or not, the key is cheap! Only one-third to one-half of the price of mainstream products, and the ability to continue to reduce prices, is the key to distributors .

According to Mohamed Alamgir, director of the research and development department of LG Chem Energy, a subsidiary of LG Chem in Troy, Michigan, the South Korean chemical giant, the cylindrical cell that stores energy inside the battery-lithium-ion battery cells will also be visible on the market in the near future. .

How to store a lithium ion battery? We will discuss in next article.



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