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How to prolong your Lithium-ion battery life?


Rechargeable Li-ion batteries are ubiquitous, thanks to their high energy density, stability and relatively low maintenance nature. Plus, self-discharge rate is lower compared to other rechargeable batteries. Although the lithium-ion battery has many advantages, it has its own lifespan just like human being. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we are able to delay our aging process. Doing so also allows the battery to operate efficiently. Here are a few ways of how to keep your lithium-ion batteries healthy.

Allow partial discharges

Li-ion battery has no charge memory, it means that it doesn’t need to be discharged very deeply. Using only 20% or 30% of the battery capacity before recharging will extend cycle life considerably. As a general rule, 5 to 10 shallow discharge cycles are equal to one full discharge cycle. While partial-discharge cycles can run into the thousands, leaving the battery fully discharged also shortens battery life. Most lithium-ion batteries have a safety circuit within the battery packs that open if the battery voltage is below 2.5V or exceeds 4.3V, making the battery unsafe and dead. Therefore, to avoid completely discharging is necessary to protect the battery.


Limit the battery temperature

Protecting the battery from temperature extremes can prolong battery life. Either heat or cold will shorten the lifespan of battery. Excessive temperature would higher the self-discharge rate. Also, too low the temperature can cause an internal short and damage the battery. By letting them stay in a cool place in hot summer or warm up them on a cold day will help keep the battery run well. To be safe, it is ideal to store your battery at room temperature.


Don’t charge and discharge battery with high currents.

Some people are always in blindly pursuit of high charge current in order to save time. Actually, extreme high charge and discharge currents will reduce cycle life and compromise safety rather than help save time. High current places excessive stress on the battery and thus can lead to failure within the battery in the long term.


Check the battery capacity before storing your battery

When the lithium-ion battery is over discharged, it will lead to irreversible capacity loss of battery and may not be activated again. Due to the self-discharge of battery, it is important to make sure the lithium-ion battery is at 40%-50% discharge before storing it for a period of time. Not letting it die completely will extend the battery lifespan. And in view of safety, do not recharge deeply discharged lithium-ion batteries if they have been stored in that condition for several months.

By proper care of your UFO lithium battery, you can enjoy the benefits of using li-ion battery. With the advantages of long life cycle, high energy density, light weight and low maintainance, lithium-ion battery can be a more cost-efective investment for your appliance than using lead-acid battery. 

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