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How to light-duty lithium battery electric bicycle?

by:UFO      2020-05-13
As the country's main electric bicycle manufacturers, by lithium battery weight light-duty vehicle is aucma make their products close to the market one of the important means. Light-duty and accompanied, is miniaturization, energy conservation, the requirement of performance optimization. Although the lead-acid battery has become the object, but is still the mainstream electric bicycle market, and lead acid battery is an important factor causing electric heavy. In order to achieve light-duty and comprehensive balance, the performance of solar electric cars appeared on the market, ni-mh power battery electric vehicle, and three alternatives, lithium-ion batteries and lithium battery is acknowledged as the main substitute, there is a kind of lightweight lithium battery only 3 kg, and have strong power, etc. Aucma launched one of the 'whole life power electric iron' is a representative of the lightweight, weight is the 1/3 of lead-acid battery, 36 v10ah lithium batteries weigh only 4 of them. 5 kg. For electric vehicle battery want both thin and strong demand, aucma 'whole life iron electric car' with many years of research and development of lithium ion battery technology, based on electric housekeeper technology through the lithium battery power management system, the comprehensive control on the lithium iron phosphate batteries, after the test, the battery volume only accounts for two-thirds of lead-acid battery; Self-discharge 5%, less than 8% of the normal lithium electricity and 15% of the lead-acid battery. The battery cycle life can reach 1500 ~ 2000 times. In addition to lithium iron phosphate battery electric vehicles, aucma also for longer life of ternary lithium electric vehicles lightweight. In order to make the whole trolley fully realize the lightweight, aucma made improvement in car body, the magnesium alloy material, the metal is the lightest of practical metal, density is small, higher than strength, elastic modulus, big, ability to withstand the shock load characteristic. From the perspective of the practice of aucma, the actual electric bicycle lightweight methods adopted three steps: 1, the electric bicycle finally choose lithium batteries; 2, the body material of light-duty; 3, the selected form a complete set of the optimization of lithium-ion batteries.
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