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How to design the lithium battery is safe for internal structure?

by:UFO      2020-05-23
The fear of lithium battery caused an explosion of the mobile phone is always let people in things in the past, also a global brands such as samsung, apple had a similar risk. This makes people have to think about a problem: the explosion of the lithium battery is inevitable?

is used in the mobile phone, notebook, lithium batteries, lithium battery is lithium ion in the positive and negative electrode movement for chemical reaction to provide power supply and release of the device, it requires that the lithium ions in the negative and positive electrode to move back and forth movement without additional other influencing factors. Technically, this design is completely can be achieved, but in practice, due to the lithium ion battery is a product of highly reactive, any abnormal problems may result in the condition of the battery.

all lithium battery explosion is caused by short circuit, cause a short-circuit phenomenon had, over-current, overheating, etc. To top it off they are through the internal structure and the formation of a short circuit batteries, lithium-ion batteries so-called internal to external, lithium battery structure itself is a process manufacturing process, manufacturing process and process is difficult to avoid defects of 100%.

across the electrodes of lithium ion stay should be clean, shuttle in the electrolyte, the diaphragm shall also be without impurities, but in the process of manufacturing, electrolyte and diaphragm is difficult to completely avoid dust stained with metal fragments, copper foil or aluminum foil, etc. When people use undeserved, The overcharge, discharge, flow) Or put the lithium battery in extreme environment ( High temperature) , lithium batteries will overheat, quiet state has been broken fragments at room temperature, which will be in a warmer electrolyte for thermal motion in the space. Next, if the debris is close to the diaphragm, pieces of hot will affect the diaphragm isolation effect, will also cause a short circuit.

visible, short-circuit is caused by two reasons: one is the cell in the body have impurities, 2 it is impurity will exercise, the mediation is calorific, therefore, short circuit inevitably accompanied by fever, fever is not necessarily a short-circuit. The third step, a short circuit will burst sparks, and electrolyte is flammable liquid, spark in a closed space will cause the battery of combustion and explosion, it is easy to understand. So, now there is a kind of polymer lithium battery with colloid electrolyte instead of liquid electrolyte, can reduce the probability of a short circuit. But cannot avoid completely.

once the battery short-circuit, based on the degree of the cell structure and the temperature is different, generally speaking, the experience battery discharge, burning and explosion three conditions, and security issues in the most severe burning.

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