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How to Choose Good Quality Lithium-ion Battery Pack and Avoid Battery Problems?


As discussed before, the consistency of battery cells in the Lithium-ion battery pack plays a vital role in improving the performance of battery cells. If the Lithium-ion battery is in poor condition, we found it is troublesome to deal with the battery problem and ensure the safety. Thus, how to choose good quality LiFePO4 battery pack? And what are the tips to help avoid battery problems?

Here are several useful suggestion to help you:

1. Case Selection

A good material of case can improve the performance of lithium-ion battery to some extent. A metal case is able to better dissipate heat which is generated from the internal of battery pack as well as optimize the battery performance. Lithium-ion battery like UFO telecom and power wall LiFePO4 battery is equipped with metal case so that a good heat dissipation can be provided while daily using. In addition, it is easier to disassemble than those equipped with stainless steel shell during maintenance.

2. Professional Manufacturer

Lithium-ion battery safety is at the top of list for both manufacturers and end users. Lithium-ion batteries which are rigorously tested and certified by universal standard practices in industry play an essential role in bringing confidence for buyers and also peace of mind for end users.

A professional in his own special field stands for the ability for the professional technique, which is closely related to the quality of product they manufactured. Choosing a professional battery manufacturer is actually an important guarantee of achieving safe lithium-ion battery with high quality. UFO POWER is such a experienced lithium battery manufacturer that using our expertise to collaborate with our customers for developing battery solutions that meet the most rigorous standards of performance, reliability, safety.

3. Purchasing Channel

It is suggested to buy branded battery in order to avoid poor performance of lithium-ion battery. Sometimes second-hand batteries are batteries retired from electric vehicles which may cause an uneven performance in battery. Without regular maintenance, they may soon be scrapped. In fact, there is a drop in price of new lithium-ion battery and it is becoming affordable now.  As for maintenance, the branded LiFePO4 battery pack has a preferable warranty and the cost is not too expensive to change for a new one due to the deterioration of battery performance after long use.

4. Use Battery with Balancing Function

Do not use batteries without a balanced protection panel, which could easily lead to overcharge, over discharge of some lithium-ion batteries and finally damage the battery performance and shorten the service life. A branded Lithium-ion battery pack has equipped with battery management system (BMS), and the balancing function can help reduce the possibility of battery failure.

5. Wait for a while after finishing charging

In order to ensure the performance of lithium-ion battery, do not unplug the charger immediately. Leaving plenty of time for the batteries to be automatically balanced is necessary to guarantee the consistency of Li-ion battery cells. Otherwise, it may cause the differences between battery cells and eventually affect the service life of the entire battery pack.

6. To Help Balance

If the battery capacity drops in a short period of time, the balance of batteries must be taken into consideration after ruling out some external factors. The electricians with professional practical ability could check the battery and disassembling batteries for manual equalization if needed.  

7. Periodic Check

It is dispensable to examine the battery regularly to prolong the Lithium-ion battery life. If the battery is found to be in abnormal use, to maintain the battery in time is critical to avoid irreversible damage to the battery after a long time of improper use.

8. Correct Use

Maintenance must be carried out strictly in accordance with the operating rules. Remember to avoid short circuit. Because of the small internal resistance of the battery, short circuit will cause smoke damage instantaneously, and even cause fire, explosion and other dangerous hazards.

What can UFO POWER provide you?

Over a decade,UFO POWER has built our own R&D team, we dedicated to developing and manufacturing rechargeable Lithium ion batteries with our expertise and experience, making our customer’s product gain more popularity in their market. Our in-house developed BMS has improved the safety of lithium-ion battery and helped deal with the consistency of battery cells to gain a better performance. 

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