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How to choose better help battery energy equipment needs

by:UFO      2020-05-23
In our life there are two of the most commonly used batteries, alkaline batteries and rechargeable batteries, alkaline batteries is not rechargeable batteries and rechargeable batteries include nickel-metal hydride batteries and lithium-ion batteries, in order to meet the demand of work we have to consider when choosing a battery battery comprehensive index, which is the service life of batteries. For battery indicator of the specifications of the considerations may seem like a simple form, actually otherwise, it involves many aspects such as power efficiency, power management system, system load, etc. , in addition to special importance, the mutual influence between the features will increase or decrease the end user experience, in order to avoid do not need frequent replacement battery and frequently to recharge the battery, so have to focus on the battery, for the product design process do more understanding, so that the user only to use equipment for a single job, need not all notes in between, bring customer good. When choosing the battery, first start from the chemical properties of the battery, battery and mutual restriction between the system is often overlooked in the design of problems, to ensure that the battery capacity consistent with the requirements of the system is very close, for alkaline battery not charging, design of error is: focus on the work efficiency, and ignore the static current and dormancy under the current status of current loss, even if the current from the battery dozens of mu A can also lead to frequent replacement battery, in recent years the development of the design with soft switch replaces mechanical switch, battery and became mutual connections between systems, the more common than ever before but, for the application of low power consumption, alkaline batteries will be A good choice. Is commonly used for rechargeable batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries or lithium ion battery, mainly when the load is too large for alkaline battery chooses the rechargeable battery, NiMH battery costs less than lithium ion battery, NiMH battery is suitable for fully and completely discharge process, removed from the device that the battery when battery power is used up, then by external charger to recharge the battery. This application is common in the digital camera, and lithium battery is relatively occasionally electricity equipment demand, mainly has several advantages, in addition to weight density, charge - for a short time There is no limit to the discharge, thus simplifying the product use. Why consumption by battery, specifically because the commonly used batteries, alkaline batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries and lithium-ion batteries, they are not interchangeable between, the vast majority of products have a best solution, so are based on the use of equipment needs to supply the needed batteries.
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