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High-quality 12 volt lithium battery 200ah manufacturers for alarm

High-quality 12 volt lithium battery 200ah manufacturers for alarm

High-quality 12 volt lithium battery 200ah manufacturers for alarm

Lithium 12.8V100Ah battery pack
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Lithium battery pack LifePO4 12.8V100Ah for solar system Gel battery replacement



General parameter


Nominal Voltage

12.8 V

Nominal Capacity

100 Ah



Internal Resistance




Constant discharge current

     Peak current:200A (3Sec)

Constant charge current:


Recommend discharge operation temperature range:


Recommend charge operation temperature range



Dimensions (L x W x H)




Case :


Cell Type

Chemistry Cylindrical/Prismatic- LiFePO4

Maximum Modules in parallel:



12v 24v series deep cycle lithium battery with long life cycle 2500 100% DOD @1C ,  Different capacity can be chosed , 

                                                            The OBM / OEM / ODM Service with regard to With LCD APP Bluetooth Control 12V 100Ah Deep Cycle LiFePO4 Lithium ion Polymer Battery Pack


High-quality 12 volt lithium battery 200ah manufacturers for alarm-1


Overcharge detection function
Over discharge detection function
Over current detection function
Short detection function
Temperature detection function
Balance function
Other function according to your requirements

Excellent. I especially appreciate being able to charge my batteries just one at a time, instead of only in pairs like the charger that came with my batteries. Bonus for having a graphical meter for charge status. If you have a lot of AA and/or AAA batteries, this is a good buy.
Makes charging the multiple batteries I use in my battery run candles a breeze.
This is a great charger. Foolproof for the kids!
Charges fast and love the display letting you know the stage of the battery charge. So far, so good.
Works great, picked this up to go with a 24pack of the same brand batteries.
just what was needed
Gets a bit hot, which isn't very good for batteries, but is otherwise great.
Works great and is easy to see which batteries are fully charged.
great price & worked perfect for my camera...
Performs as expected.
Great product. One request, a lock on button, would bring some ease to the hand.
Works as advertised
Does exactly what it says. Ever since we started using it, baby sleeps wayyyyy better. Thank goodness for this! And we can take it anywhere too.
It's small but has great sound!
Great travel alternative to my beside Dohn white noise machine. The charge lasts for 3ish nights. Huge help while on vacation with my boyfriend, whose snoring can bring down walls...
Bought this for a cross country flight and sleeping at grandma's house. My guy sleeps with the regular dohm every night and this worked very well for travel. It's easy to charge and has a wide range of volumes - this really is as good as the regular dohm. It can be a little tricky to turn on and off but once you get the hang of it, it's no problem. Nice that it comes with a clip to hang on the car seat as well. It's smaller than I expected but packs plenty of volume. It also has a locking feature so baby/toddler can't accidentally turn the volume up too loud (yes, that would be possible!). This would also work well for daycare.
Perfect for naps in a noisy house. Haven't used it out on the go yet but we're headed to Disney world at Christmas so it'll be joining us in the stroller for afternoon naps!
Love the volume control. Volume range is large ...not like other products that only have 3 levels for volume.
If you use the Marpac Dohm sound machine for yourself or for your child this is a must have! It sounds just like the original machine. Great for traveling or on the go!!!
Love this for travel and home. Sound is adjustable and it gets as loud or soft as you want. Waves and white noise very soothing. Does need to be charged after full night of use.
My wife really enjoyed this product for travel
Love that it’s size! Portable and can take it anywhere!
Works well for drowning out basic noises while baby sleeps.
Portability a plus - let me position the white noise where it's most effective at blocking disruptive sounds - very useful
Works great
Use for 1 year old for naps a couple days a week. Hope it holds up
Awesome and portable!
Great for white noise for our baby. Volume can get very loud and is adjustable. Size is perfect
This is a must-have for parents of infants!
I sleep with a fan or the full side Rohm machine. I was taking a vacation to Paris and needed something portable and that didnt plug in. This was perfect! It has a setting that sounds like a fan and it has a volume control. You charge it via micro usb so I just used my phone charger while I was away from the hotel during the day. Perfect little machine.
worked very well on travel to drown out the various sounds.
I was a bit skeptical however this product has been a lifesaver
Works great! Big sound from small device.
Absolutely love this product. The size is so perfect to attach to the carseat especially with the little ring it comes with. It's also so great that it doesn't take batteries and can be charged with any micro usb charger. I got in overnighted because my daughter decided to all of a sudden start hating the car seat and it arrived minutes before we were going to get in the car for a 45 min drive. I plugged the usb into the car and charged on our trip and by the time we got there I was able to use it on our walk and it was still going strong 3 days later without a charge. My only downsides are that you have to hold the power button down for a while for it to turn on but it's not the end of the world. I also wish it had some kind of indicator light when the charge was almost gone, maybe it does and I just haven't figured it out yet.
Perfect night of travel sleep for me for now on! Tiny, light & mighty!
Great white noise machine our baby loves it
Great substitute for their traditional white noise machine, but it is much smaller and so easier to take on trips. I used it recently at a hotel for a business conference (the slamming hallway doors sometimes wakes me in hotels) and this performed just like the regular larger versions. We will use if for traveling with our young kids.
An amazing product - made napping a game changer in our house. We use it at home for naps and send it to daycare for them to use there. It's really helped my daughter to stay asleep. It's loud enough that we could probably get away with just using this one, but we also have the larger Marpac Dohm for nighttime. I had to send them Dohm back for service after several months of nightly use. Company was great and repaired our machine quickly and returned it to us. I'm considering getting these for my older kids as well.
worked great for hotel use!
We use a Dohm sound machine in my daughters bedroom so I got this too to use while not home. Works great to help my newborn (3 weeks) sleep while out and about with 4 year old sister. I hang it on the carrying handle on our car seat and have it at the lowest level--it does get really loud, too loud to be close to baby. The loudest setting might be ok in a large bedroom, but the quietest setting works well how we use it in the car seat.
I'm a massage therapist and I purchased this to use as white noise for while I provide massages. It is an effective way to cut down on the occasional traffic noises as well as muffle talkative people in neighboring rooms. Before I bought this I was looking at more expensive devices but have been super happy with how this works.
Wow what a great sound.
has been helping our baby sleep so much better in our new house that is on a very noisy street/train tracks
I love how lightweight this product is. I do wish that it could be plugged in and in use at the same time. We have to charge it every other day to make sure it lasts through the night.
This sound machine is small, so it's easy to travel with. It also gets really loud and has a lovely ocean sound.
Best investment for traveling I ever purchased!!! Small, lightweight, works like a charm!!
We use this for our toddler and depending on how loud things are at night we can adjust the volume. It's great for traveling too as it is small and portable. HIGHLY recommend!
Love this sound machine. Wish the power button didn’t need to be pressed in for 3 seconds to turn on is only complaint.
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