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Five new lithium-ion capacitor and its comparison with lithium battery performance

by:UFO      2020-05-24
Is compatible with the lithium ion battery and lithium ion capacitor compound capacitor of electric double layer capacitors, currently in wind power, street lamp battery, power generation and industrial equipment with outstanding performance, practical focus on the future development of new varieties of lithium-ion capacitor appear constantly, they will be in a certain special function superiority, the capacitor has been developed in the laboratory. 1, quick rechargeable lithium ion battery container, developers: Japan too induced electric company. The lithium-ion capacitor charge 30 seconds to complete. Lithium-ion capacitor power than rechargeable batteries, but its rapid charging characteristics make it used for a variety of small toys, and the power of the measuring instrument, also can be used for battery and solar battery or generator. 2, high temperature resistant lithium-ion capacitor, developers: FDK Japanese company. The lithium-ion capacitor anode using activated carbon, the cathode carbon. The highest voltage of 3. 8 v, static capacity of 2000 f, unit weight of the energy density of 14 wh/kg, is characterized by high temperature load characteristic well, self-discharge less. 3, compound lithium ion capacitor, developers: a&m university graduate school in Tokyo, Japan. Using single carbon nanotube with lithium titanate ( Li4Ti5O12,LTO) Composites as anode, with large capacity and high rate down electrical characteristics. Electrode area per unit volume energy density for 45 wh/L, the output power is 17000 w/L density, compared with the electric double layer capacitors using activated carbon, can be raised to about 4, respectively. 3 and 5 times. Eight times. 4, drainage lithium-ion capacitor, developers, fudan university. The hybrid capacitor anode using activated carbon, the positive use spinel lithium manganese acid ( Now the power lithium ion battery cathode material) , electrolyte aqueous solution is LiMn2O4. Capacitors with high energy, high power, long life, low cost and high security. 5, miniaturization lithium-ion capacitor, developers: Japan zhao rong electronic co. , LTD. Development for small devices and application of small home appliance of cylinder lithium-ion capacitor. In general, Japanese is to be the leader of the lithium ion capacitor research and development, the different types of lithium-ion capacitor were prominent high rate charge and discharge, high/low temperature resistance, heavy/micro lithium-ion capacitor, to adapt to different applications.
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