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Electric bicycle with power lithium battery charging and maintenance

by:UFO      2020-05-22
Lithium ion batteries with nimh battery charging and discharging characteristics and different performance parameters, using and maintenance of electric bicycle with power lithium batteries in fact with ordinary the matters needing attention of lithium-ion batteries is not too big difference, the following is the way how to better use the power lithium batteries. 1, charging timeliness: ( 1) , battery factory is generally charged half the electricity. Ride for the first time, it is best to the battery, because the self-discharge will be reduced the lithium battery charge, second can activate one of the active material. ( 2) Every time, cycling, don't run out of battery, because over discharge for lithium battery under a lot of damage. For a long time had put 3 times will reduce battery life. At least, when in low power tips electric car ride, to resolutely stop cycling, to lithium battery. 2, the efficiency of the charging: ( 1) , lithium battery charge is valid at any time, even if has 50% of the battery before charging it doesn't matter, that is because it is different from nimh batteries, which has a memory effect and lithium battery not. ( 2) And never overcharge, when a complete charging indicator, to stop charging. 3, make up for the charge of self-discharge: if long time need not battery, charge must be in 60 ~ 90 days time, because the best storage state of lithium-ion batteries is half electric storage ( In between 40% ~ 60% of the nominal capacity battery storage) And we know that the highest voltage of lithium-ion batteries is 4. 2 v, therefore, the voltage is best stored in 3. 8V~3. Between 9 v, then the capacity of the basic is half. 4, original charging equipment: try to use the original battery charger, form a complete set of original charger performance is strong, the charging ratio is measurable, there are some quick charging pile, suggest not use much, twice a year in the last, is understandable. Large current charging the battery internal structure of a fairly large damage. 5, the temperature at which the storage environment: the lithium battery temperature environment is wide, for - 20 ℃ ~ 45 ℃, but in fact the most appropriate temperature is at room temperature. From the point of view, 'senescence' temperature may be to the main reason for the lithium battery capacity decline gradually. For China the regional difference in temperature big country, the northern region to develop resistance to low temperature lithium batteries, and the southern region to develop resistance to high temperature lithium battery. 6, strictly abide by the instruction of note: the lithium battery, when idle, to be placed in a cool ventilated place, avoid high temperature and wet, rainy days to avoid riding and even ride to protect, take precautions against lithium battery into the water.
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