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knowledge Does UFO POWER TECHNOLOGY provide ODM service?

Does UFO POWER TECHNOLOGY provide ODM service?

SHENZHEN UFO POWER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. supplies ODM services. We've got the capacity to make completely customized rechargeable battery pack according to client requirements. Our experienced development team will lead you through the whole ODM process, by choosing materials and producing designs to defining ultimate specifications. Our firm owns and operates innovative testing and assembly facilities, supplying flexible manufacturing needs and total customization services.
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Currently, UFO POWER TECHNOLOGY is in at an internationally leading position in production Portable Car Jump Starter. UFO POWER TECHNOLOGY is mainly engaged in the business of Solar Battery and other product series. High-end textile manufacturing machines are used in the production ofUFO lifepo4 battery 12v. It is processed by bale plucker, carding machine, roving frames, or combing machine. It is sold worldwide such as Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia. The product is selling well in the global market and is expected to be widely used in the future. The product has obtained over 10 patents in the battery industry.

We are trying hard to cut carbon footprint during production. We promise to eliminate any practices that will harm society and our environment.


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