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Do a 18650 battery holdout

by:UFO      2020-05-24
'So many enterprises are bullish about 18650 customers, the future market is bound to change, what's more, the market space is large enough. Everyone will have a meal, can only eat good questions. 'So far, the production capacity of 200000 / day, in the face of the blowout market demand, also appeared in short supply situation. But Zhao Yihang does not require rapid expansion like peers, his idea is that the subsidy policy under the new energy automobile market there are some distortions, enterprises should leave sufficient capital to cancel or cut subsidies, best hope to take the path of steady growth, don't want to. Most battery enterprises in China, most are living on death, at the current investment scale, market scale, efficiency, at the end of the day is that the government give money, subsidies to cancel, can business model established is uncertain. So large-scale capital investment may face greater risk. For vertical integration nowadays industry vigorous, Zhao Yihang believes that some consolidation is the allocation of resources is possible, but if you want to the whole industry chain layout, can form industrial closed loop, is not conducive to technological progress and the development of its markets. 'Any form of consolidation is to eliminate competition, or intent to eliminate competition, but integration is only the expedient of market competition, is not a panacea. Or fully market competition in the future. 'Just like believe 18650 battery, has always believed in the power of the market
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