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Discussion of 5G Technology in the 6th World Internet Conference


With the opening of the 6th World Internet Conference (#WIC2019), #5G caused a heated discussion.

It is reported that two robots played the piano by using an instrument connected to a #5G network and edge computing at the Light of Internet Expo5G will give us a better information communication, revolutionize and change the way people live. 

So What Is 5G?

5G is the 5th generation mobile network.

5G technology will deliver multi-Gbps peak rates, ultra-low latency, massive capacity and bring a more connected world. This will enable greater energy and cost efficiencies compared to earlier mobile networks.


What is the difference of mobile generation:1G to 4G? 

1G analog voice signal

2G digital phone call 

3G introduced mobile data

4G LTE ushered in the era of mobile Internet


What is the Benefits for 5G?  

1) Ultra-high bandwidth will realize production visual management, remote operation and other application innovation. It can support real-time wireless transmission of high-definition images from industrial wearable devices, industrial AR and industrial camera, etc.

2) Ultra-wide connection supports the access of high density of industrial sensors, intelligent equipment and achieves mass data collection and transmission.

3) Ultra-low latency and high reliability supports some innovative application such as AGV, inspection robot, industrial control.

4) Network slicing will maximize the flexibility of 5G networks, optimizing both the utilization of the infrastructure and the allocation of resources.

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