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Custom rechargeable battery pack street suppliers for sale

Custom rechargeable battery pack street suppliers for sale

Custom rechargeable battery pack street suppliers for sale

Lithium 36V10Ah battery pack
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Lithium battery pack 36V10Ah for small device

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General parameter


Nominal Voltage


Nominal Capacity




Internal Resistance




Constant discharge current

     Peak discharge current: 50A(5ms)

Constant charge current:


Recommend discharge operation temperature range:


Recommend charge operation temperature range



Dimensions (L x W x H)




Case :

Epoxy plate + PVC

Cell Type

Chemistry Cylindrical/Prismatic- LiFePO4

Maximum Modules in parallel:



UFO battery is a professional Lithium ion battery and power solution provider since  2005.

UFO designs, develops and manufactures .

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Overcharge detection function
Over discharge detection function
Over current detection function
Short detection function
Temperature detection function
Balance function
Other function according to your requirements
Samsung cell 25r


We  provide one stop solutions to various field and professionaly tech supoprt since 2005  ,Fully automatic intelligent production equipment,

combined with automation control technology and  lithium battery

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Line vision control technology, smart robots to realize "whole line equipment + robot + software control" Intelligent

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I almost gave up on rechargeable batteries until I found the Zanflare C4 Smart Charger. It is convenient to use and I can easily tell exactly when charging is done.
The features of this charger make it worth the price. Selective charging amps. The spring loaded design to accept different sized batteries is very clever. Highly recommend.
This item is excellent. The only issue is that you can only discharge @500mAh, but there's a reason for that: You can accurately measure the capacity of a cell by discharging a constant 500mAh than 700/1000 mAh. Getting ready to purchase 3 more for my 18650 PowerWall! I had minor issues with the unit, but the customer support was quick with resolving the issue in the shortest time possible.
This Universal Battery charger is pretty good, LCD display is a nice features that displays the activities of charges. It also came with a car charger which I was not expecting, so it was a bonus. I was tired of buying regular batteries, it is helping me.
I received this product in good time. Knock on wood, this charger has done its job very well. Bought one for a friend as well.
it does an excellent job of charging batteries, just not sure if the capacity indicates is correct, but still close enough to show the batteries that are getting worn out.
Tried with Ni-Cad and Lithium. Seems to work well. Interesting that it can be used as a power source.
great charger. love the car charger plug as well. works flawless and does a great job charging my batteries.
this thing i use daily for my headlamp batteries at work, i love it, so versatile, charged great and has so many feature to love.
Amazing product for the price. Stuff like this was an arm and a leg a decade ago.
Works exactly as described. Used on Li ion and rechargeable AA and D cells. Did the trick on the house and in the car.
Using I for months to recharge 18650 LI batteries. Works excellent!
I do like that I can see what the capacity is. This is more than just a charger and well worth it.
Works great for charging multiple types of batteries. The "test" feature is great for finding out the life left in recovered 18650 cells.
The usb doesn't work??? It charges the rechargeable batteries but the usb on it doesn't do anything?
Works very well and fits different sizes batteries, four at a time. They can easily pop out, but usually not. I like this charger a lot.
Its nice to be able to see the status of the batteries. It would be nice to have a built in standard or base but no big deal.
Fast charging, accurate display & stops when done.
very satisfied, got it right away and it works awesome!
love it charges fast
Never had one of this but had a very good experience using it
Buy it
Easy to use. I use this charger for my 18650 batteries and have had no issues or problems.
Very satisfied with purchase .... perfectly suited for those required times when needed.
Works as described. Packaging is really nice and the product looks /feels high quality.
Very good
So far so good.
simple and great price
great product I love it
Works great.
Works. Though not sure if it's the battery or the device. After full charging and waiting a day I put the battery back on the device and it needs to change more. I could not got the battery bank feature to work on mine.
an excellent charger
I am very pleased with this charger's opertain and versatility. It has saved many dead cells from the trash and has, so far, paid for itself, plus. I bought this expecting the worst and hoping for the best, considering its low cost. I had over 50 18650 cells in questimable condition and 22 NiMH cells that would not take a charge. Surprisingly, this device revived most of the apparently bad 18650s and 9 NiMH cells to nearly new condition. And again, it has more than paid for itself in recovered cells. The best aspect of this charger is its versatility - it will charge and condition several different chemistries simultaneously. The one possible problem I have experienced is that it gets fairly hot, and a built-in fan would be a good option. It doesn't get too hot to hold, just hot enough that I put the operating charger on a metal plate. I haven't tried using the USB option, though I intend to eventually check it out.
Zanflare C4 Smart Charger arrived before scheduled delivery. It was well packaged, with no damages. I tried the charger with some AA and AAA lithium batteries I had on hand. I noticed a much faster charge time compared to my old charger. So far I am very pleased with my Zanflare C4 Smart Charger. Being able to mix batteries (AA/AAA) at same charge time is very handy. I'd recommend this charger. If it came with a storage case/bag I'd give it 5 stars.
I've only used this charger a few times. First impressions are very good. My AA rechargeable batteries charged with no issues. The batteries remained reasonably low in temperature. I like that you can charge one battery at a time, as opposed to other chargers that require two or more batteries for the charging procedure to work. I really like the LCD display. At a glance, you can see the progress of the charge. Based on my first impressions, I would recommend this charger to anyone.
Love the LED that shows the charging info and how long it will take to charged up But The holder for the battery is really bad... it jam the battery in place so the battery hangs in the middle of sky And I wonder if later I can no longer hang the battery in there to charge after spring got loose
This is a good charger for both Ni-Mh and Li-ion batteries. I also have the Opus BT C3100 which I still like better but for the price difference this is a good buy. Others may even like this charger better as the main difference to me is the user interface. On the Opus you push one button to show different battery information for all batteries and on the Zanflare you push a different button for each battery to cycle through the information. Both work fine.
Excellent product and customer service. Had minor issue with the one port slide and they replaced the charger promptly. Easy to use and clear display, I use the " nor charge" mode to charge /discharge /charge to check capacity in mAh. Very pleased with this charger.
Great charger, takes many types of batteries, recommended
I've only used this one time, but it works as described. I successfully charged several different types of batteries at the same time.
Features for this charger are good. Easy to setup and use. Good charger for the price.
Great product no problems out of it
One slot stopped working
For the price and getting a compact 2.0ah battery with charger is a pretty good deal. I purchased this specifically to clean up the majority of my messes inside when working on a project. Also works well for spot clinging or sucking up dust bunnies on the floor next to the counter. Essentially a handy handheld vac with an extension. This does not have a brush and does not come close to my Dyson 'ball" vacuum. So it has its limits I like the idea I can use the same batteries with this as my other Makita tools and now I have a charger dedicated for inside and a compact battery. Essentially it's worth buying this for just the battery and charger.
Nice little stick vac. Very light and easy to handle. Pro: No more power cord! Perfect for bare floors, pet hair, and kitchen crumbs Small head gets in tight areas Good price because it comes with a battery and charger Great addition if you have other Makita 18V tools. Filter and canister are easy to wash out. Filter is re-useable More accessories available, like a flexible hose which would be good for cars Con: Useless on many types of carpet, but I don't think it's really made for that. Wish it had a bigger battery If you are 6 ft tall, you will find it is too short. Handle and trigger are uncomfortable after a while, no way to lock it in the ON position. Even with these disadvantages, I am still happy with it.
Overall this is an excellent little vacuum for the cost, especially if you're like me and already have a host of cordless makita tools to choose from. Probably the biggest reason I chose to buy this over a Dyson vac was because that most of these cordless handy vacs have to be entirely replaced if the battery goes bad due to it being integrated into the vac. Because the battery is an entirely separate component on this makita, the chances of needing to replace the vac at any point in the foreseeable future is virtually nil. Edit: DON'T BUY YET!!! I've purchased two of these for about $100 a piece from amazon, but now the price has jumped to $160, hold off on the purchase until the price for the kit (vac, battery, and charger) drops back to about $100 mark again.
Not a bad vacuum and it fills a niche in my shop because it easy to get out and tidy up small messes. Pros: 1) good choice if you’re already invested in Makita cordless and have many batteries, as I am. 2) Much easier/convenient to keep the garage/shop tidy than getting out my shop vac 3) Replaceable batteries are much better than fixed batteries in other cordless vacuums. Cons: 1) vacuum good be more powerful 2) construction could be a little sturdier. I bought the kit and sold the charger online. This made the vacuum quite a bargain.
We built a 162 square foot tiny home trailer and having a lightweight, cordless, easy to store vaccum is a must. This thing is absolutely perfect. We use it every day and it does a great job getting up all the dirt, dog hair, and fallen food from our hardwood floors. It works well on the small pieces of carpet that we have on the stairs. It stores perfectly in our narrow broom closet. The pieces come apart easily to remove dirt and clean the filter (also an easy task). Moving around the various pieces are easy and can get into tiny crevices pretty well. Very happy with this purchase and the fact it's a fraction of the cost from a Dyson version makes this a big win for us tiny home dwellers!
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