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Correct method of lithium battery maintenance

by:UFO      2020-05-10
For mobile phones, laptops and other cells of the maintenance, there has been no clear guidance, we know very little about lithium ion battery maintenance also, also exist some misunderstandings on the use. Recently saw an article, from the cade electronics ( Cadex Electronics) CEO izzy, Brooks said: 'the ideal state of battery should be charged to 80%, its then disconnected, to restore power to 40% after charge'.

the theory basis of the claim is associated with the job characteristics of lithium polymer batteries. This kind of battery storage power is the key to input voltage into the lithium ion. While filling the power, the greater the single lithium ion need to load the voltage and the greater the pressure. Long-term excess load will reduce the life cycle of the battery. According to statistics, to complete if the same type of battery charging and discharging ( 100%) Only for 300 - 500 healthy circulation. And if in 70% began to discharge, number jumped to 1200 - healthy circulation 200 times. The dangers of

a long connection power is more than that. Battery have a natural aging process, and the high temperature will accelerate this process. And intermittent charging the temperature too high will make the battery inside the bubble, fatal influence to the health of the battery. So more attention should be paid to in a timely manner to charge and discharge, also note notebook working environment and get the timely heat dissipation.

at present on Windows and Mac software can control the battery charging and discharging, but if you are using a ThinkPad, so congratulations you, ThinkPad provides a battery management program, can control the battery charging and put points, can reach 80% of the time to stop in electricity charge. As shown in figure set, start charging when the battery is less than 40%, charging to the 80% stop charge, if you charge now is somewhere in between, system is not on the battery.

as long as it is lithium ion, is fit for the maintenance method, so the smartphone, along with rechargeable battery, charge to 100% every time than you, and then use 20% of the using habit of long service life.

cade electronics is an expert in battery research, it gives suggestion should be more professional, but lithium ion battery technology has been changing, perhaps over a period of time, and there will be a new maintenance measures.

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