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Congratulations to UFO POWER on Winning the Innovation Company


Recently, the Torch High Technology Industry Development Center, Ministry of Science& Technology has announced the list of “ Shenzhen recognized Innovation Company in 2019”. With a experienced research and develop team for Lithium-ion battery and the ability to upgrade our lithium-ion battery products based on advanced battery technology, Shenzhen UFO POWER Technology CO., Ltd. has gained the affirmation and recognition from the Ministry of Science& Technology, becoming a reputed high technology lithium-ion battery company in Shenzhen. 

Actually, the recognition of innovation company is of high requirements. Not only does it require innovative products to exert its influence on providing advanced technology and convenient to the world, but it also require explicit criteria such as the number of technical staff engaging in products’ research and development, the proportion of investment in R&D as well as the income from high-tech products. Besides, the management level in company’s R&D Team, the ability to transform scientific achievement, the number of intellectual property rights and other aspects are also need to meet the demand in order to obtain the certification of innovation company. 

Established in 2010, UFO POWER has concentrated on lithium-ion battery industry and become leading manufacturer of high-tech lithium-ion batteries, LiFePO4 battery, solar battery like UFO LiFePO4 Powerwall for energy storage system and other related products in the lithium-ion battery market. Also, UFO POWER is professional in providing customized energy solution to cater for customers’ demand for energy storage. Making high-end lithium-ion batteries for over a decade, UFO POWER has won numerous awards in battery innovation which is our witness as a national innovation company. With the characteristics of high energy density, high capacity, good temperature resistance, our outstanding-quality lithium-ion batteries are of long service life and can maintain a good performance to meet the requirement in different environments. Also, UFO intelligent self-developed battery management system (BMS) is equipped with different communication interface such as Canbus, Rs485, Rs232, IIC, Smbus. Over the past 10 years, we have established our R&D team for battery management system( BMS) and continue to grow our team to supply advanced BMS for our customers.  

Recently, our team upgraded the function of LiFePO4 battery pack with the addition of GPRS DTU(Data Transmission Unit), including the lithium-ion batteries for telecommunication base station and powerwall battery for energy storage, which will offer anti-theft function by tracking the battery location on customer’s cellphone and the working state of LiFePO4 battery could be monitored meanwhile, leading to a safer and convenient battery monitor for the customers. 

As a new energy company, our mission is manufacturing recyclable battery and help power a greener world. Not only does our lithium-ion battery’s chemistry utilize only environmentally acceptable materials, but it does not contain any toxic chemicals or metals that has zero emissions to the environment. The application fields of UFO rechargeable lithium-ion battery are versatile, including electric vehicles like golf cart,, RV, floor machine, AGV, solar power system, energy storage, telecommunication base station, solar street light, custom solutions and more. UFO specifically-designed LiFePo4 motive battery pack which is built in UFO Smart BMS with CAN BUS protocol has mainly used for AGV, the automatic transport vehicle for GE company in USA and Argo in Canada.

UFO lithium-ion battery products are mainly exported to Japan, Korea, Europe and America, etc. Besides creating one of the strongest, safest and most reliable lithium-ion batteries, we set out to be the most responsible as well. With the increasing attention of sustainable clean energy, our ongoing commitment is to keep developing and designing innovative lithium-ion battery with the latest battery technology and help light up a greener world by manufacturing green lithium-ion battery for energy storage. In choosing UFO POWER Lithium-ion battery, where we thrive to set a higher standard, you will get access to reliable lithium-ion battery products and satisfactory, efficient service as well. We warmly welcome friends from different fields to cooperate with us.

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