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Company trip to Shangyou, Jiangxi Province


November 29th to December 1st, every employee in UFO BATTERY was invited to be a part of team-building trip to Shangyou, Jiangxi Province. The purpose of the company trip is for us to come together as the UFO family, to celebrate our achievement in 2019, and have fun and more enthusiasm to work while creating lasting memories.

Once we arrived, the fun really begins. All of us are surrounded by a harmonious and warm atmosphere. 

Sightseeing at Nanhu Lake

The trip stared with a sightseeing of Nanhe lake, which is clear enough to see the fish. After dinner, we had an outside celebration which included live music, barbecue, and other festivities. Seeing one of the coworkers singing on the stage in front of the entire company for the first time allows you to get a new perspective that can only gain on wonderful trip like this.

 In the second day, all the UFO BATTERY family members gathered together and had an exciting team building activity lasting for nearly 4 hours. All the members were separated into two team and had a competition between each other. 

Team-building Activity

Seperated into two team

Everyone tried their best to complete the challenges within the given time, fighting towards a shared goal. “I had never played this kind of activity with anyone on my team before. However, we all played great together and it was one of the best team efforts I have seen. So it is worth mentioning.” UFO Manager Wu said.

 Challenging Competiton

Team Cooperation

Team Cooperation

Saturday afternoon was also one to remember. We went to a “natural oxygen bar”, Yangming Lake. With blazing maple leaves, the clouds parted at the perfect moment on the lake. The beautiful sunshine was an incredible backdrop.

Sightseeing at Gannan Arboretum 

The Sunday morning of our last dayalong a lovely green mountain, a activity for picking orange in the orchard was held as an end of our trip. “At first, I just have little expectation on the trip. However, I especially didn’t want to go home at the end of this trip. It just reminds me that nothing is more powerful than a team who picks up one other. Nothing is impossible for us because our hearts are always together. We unit together all the time. “said one of the coworkers.

Yangming Lake

Having an opportunity to participate in the trip was a true delight. Special thank you to our administrative department. Thankful for all of your hard work, without you our company trip to Shangyou would not have been possible.

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