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China Tower turns to purchase 2GWh LiFePO4 battery for telecom tower: Will LiFePO4 battery blossm with 5G Technology?


Battery is gaining great popularity in power supply or energy storage in different application. At the moment, the batteries for energy storage applied in the telecommunication base station include lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells, flow cells and other batteries. Among these batteries, lead-acid batteries have been widely used for telecom tower for the longest time. But, LiFePO4 battery for telecom tower seems to stand out.  

Due to the high reliability of telecommunication base station, a switching power system equipping with highly-reliable and highly-safe batteries is required for a complete telecommuniation power solution. However, lead-acid battery has high requirement for the room environment and maintenance which makes it less convenience for telecommunication base station. Besides, because of the defects of lead acid batteries such as containing noxious metal, short lifespan, low performance, a less-polluted and environmental friendly battery are required and welcomed for the telecommunication base station.

On the other hand, 5G technology is drawing people’s attention nowadays. Compared to 4G technology, the energy comsumption of 5G telecommunication base station is increasing which means that there is a higer requirement for the battery’s performance. Therefore, the replacement of lead acid battery to lithium-ion battery is imperative. 

With the development of lithium-ion battery technology, LiFePO4 battery has gained more popularity with the advantages of high energy density, high stability, good performance in high temperature, long cycle life, eco-friendly,etc.  

In China, LiFePO4 batteries are increasing gaining market share in telecommunication base station. After China Mobile released an announcement of their procurement plan of 1.95 GWh LiFePO4 batteries for telecommunication application, China Tower announced their purchasing plan of 2GWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack for one year subsequently. 

It is reported that China Tower has stopped purchasing lead acid battery since 2018 and used LiFePO4 battery as a replacement of lead acid battery. By the end of 2018, China Tower has used about 1.5GWh retired electric vehicle LiFePO4 battery for telecom tower which is a replacement of 45,000 tons of lead acid batteries in 120,000 telecommunication base stations.


The harsh environment and the humidity has a significant impact on telecommunication base station, especially for the station’s stability. Therefore, batteries with good performance is of great importance to stabilize the network signal. And this is where LiFePO4 batteries come into play. Additionally, the emergence of 5G technology will boost the demand of LiFePO4 batteries in telecommunication base stations. It is worth noting that the development of new energy creates more demands for energy storage. As the cost of lithium ion battery is down, LiFePO4 battery has gradually become a more economic investment for the telecom tower with the benefits of longevity, high stability, eco-friendly and much more. 

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