UFO Battery is a professional supplier of lithium-ion batteries and power solutions.

knowledge Can our logo or company name be printed on motive battery?

Can our logo or company name be printed on motive battery?

The definition of customization is that business activities are dominated by the needs of customers, and enterprises should provide products and services completely in accordance with the needs of customers. SHENZHEN UFO POWER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. will formulate detail plans for our specific customers according to their requirements, and discuss and optimize the plan before our manufacturing of motive battery. On the basis of an agreement of two parties, we shall carry out our further producing. The goal of future business activities, or the ultimate goal, is to pursue the goal of customization. We are confident that we can provide customers with a fine solution and never make the customer lose their reliance on us.
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UFO POWER TECHNOLOGY is an international brand that focuses on lithium motorcycle battery innovative research and development. The 24v lifepo4 battery series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The fibers of UFO security system battery will be rigorously tested before used. The fibers are checked using various methods such as combustion, dissolution, staining, or infrared spectrometry method. The product is CE, IEC and FCC certified. With an annual sales for motive battery volume ranking first in the industry, UFO POWER TECHNOLOGY's sales volume of self-owned brands ranks first in China's Herbal Detox Patch for Coronavirus companies. It undergoes 3-5 times of quality tests before delivery.

We are highly aware of the importance of environmental protection. We are responsible for the use of resources to ensure the efficient use of energy and materials and the sustainable use of renewable resources.


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