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Benefits of LiFePO4 Battery Storage


Power and Convenience from Green Energy

As one of the clean and renewable energy source, solar energy is extensively distributed on earth. Wherever there is sunshine, solar power system could come into play to supply power in most of time.

UFO Powerwall is a kind of LiFePO4 battery that helps you maintain a green home and maximize your investment of energy storage system.

Make Grid Independence Possible

With solar power system installed, the solar panels absorb sunshines which can turn into electricity during the daytime, intelligent storage battery supports energy collections and supplys power for home whenever it’s need. Solar installation combines with UFO Powerwall battery, your home will enable to get power with grid independence.

Backup power for your family

During power outages or grid failures, how to stay away from dark times? This is where storage batteries make a difference. Switching on your own solar power system, then enjoying a comfortable and safe house with lights on. UFO storage battery make power available, you are able to back up essential loads such as lighting and key appliances when the power is out. 

Long Life Cycle

The performance of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery is stable and reliable. With the reasonable design, UFO Powerwall storage batery can service a longer life more than 8 years with proper care, so it is a more cost-effective investment.  

Lower Your Energy Bills

Electricity rates are high at peak demand of electricity, especially at night. Energy storage system allows you to utilize the battery with stored energy during this expensive period and therefore lower the electricity cost. Besides, if the electricity price is high in your are or there is no subsidies, energy storage system is good to consider as well. By using UFO Powerwall, a self-power house can be realized through dispatching battery power. Although it needs initial capital investment, you would earn a better return in a long time. 

Eco-friendly to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Battery storage is of great importance on the environment. It not only improves efficiency of the power grid, but also provides a zero-emission solution. The production of solar energy consumes no fuel or other resources which could withstand the impact of energy crisis or fuel market fluctuation. Hence, a emissions-free system combining solar with storage battery to change your home into a sustainable home wiless reliance on fossil fuel-powered utility grid. 

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