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Battery professional knowledge: the resistance of the factors that affect the battery

by:UFO      2020-05-21
Battery professional knowledge: the resistance of the factors that affect battery

1, the battery fluid injection method? Liquid injection machine or by hand to pour liquid machine operation. 2, how to test battery is filled with electrolyte? Use vacuum suction test, when using a vacuum in the injection liquid mouth, have said on the electrolyte is pumped is full, not said not full. 3, in the electrolyte LiOF6 role? Conductive electrolytes. 4 the LiPF6, electrolyte concentration? 1 mol/L 5, the effect of solvent in electrolyte? Dissolving electrolyte, electrolyte ionization. 6, electrolyte conductivity range?       8×10- 3Ω- 1, 7, the influence of the conductivity of the battery working current? Electrical conductivity, the discharge rate and battery internal resistance, and voltage of the battery. 8, battery internal resistance affected by those factors? The electrical conductivity of electrolyte, battery shell material performance, the conductivity of the pole piece and ear material cross-sectional area. The quality of the battery welding. 9, battery capacity affected by those factors? Are the characteristics of the anode materials and the performance of material type, type and amount of active material. The right proportion of is the cathode active material. The concentration of electrolyte and species. The production process. 10, what do you think how to control the battery in the process of battery life in the water? In the production process strictly controlled environment humidity, and strengthen the batteries baking control of moisture content of the battery. 11, when charged battery can resistance is measured with a table? May 12, into machine when turned to the large capacity battery should pay attention to what problem? Pay attention to the total power battery is more than become the power of the machine.

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