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Battery professional knowledge

by:UFO      2020-05-21
Battery expertise

1, the purpose of the battery core stick tape and location? Battery core position of the sticker on batteries winding deformation after forming. At the bottom of the stick tape to prevent the batteries at the bottom of the positive plate of coming into contact with the battery case inside the battery caused by short circuit. Side sticker to make batteries winding deformation after forming. At the bottom of the stick tape to prevent the batteries inside at the bottom of the positive plate and shell to contact battery short circuit. 2, will be very ear welding used to cover the equipment? Ultrasound, butt welding machine. 3, battery core resistance? More than 20 m Ω 4, the resistance of the battery core can not meet the requirements? Repair 5, why very ear will stick tape? Increase the robustness and prevent ears, a short circuit. 6, battery cover plate need to do the inspection before use? Appearance size, shape, thickness, insulation, sealing, corrosion resistance, material inspection, and other projects. 7, how much is the battery cover plate can bear the biggest pressure? 0. 4 mpa 8, how to prevent battery leakage? To prevent battery leakage should do well in the following several aspects: 1, when the welding battery shell and blocked shots, should be welding, sealing, welding without welding, welding, bad weld crack, fissure, etc. 2, sealed ball bearings, steel balls, proper size steel ball material is the same as the block material. Welding crack, crack and firm. 3, blocks of the anode willow connect closely, no gap, and insulation gasket elasticity appropriate, corrosion resistance, not easy ageing. 9, how to prevent not sealed battery under the existing conditions in the workshop water absorption? 1, the operation should be repeated small battery. Shorten the battery in the exposure time in the air. 2, homework finished battery timely transferred to the next working procedure. Try to shorten the battery dead time in the process. 10 and the humidity of drying room requirements? Relative humidity below 6%. 11, the humidity of drying room what is the effect on the performance of the battery? Humidity increased the water absorbing capacity of the battery core, lowered the capacity of the battery, the internal pressure increases. 12, how to try to prevent moisture from entering the dry room? In less out less, less open, drying room door can't open at the same time. 13, what do you think of drying room can wipe the floor with water? Can't. 14, the battery needs to be done before the injection fluid handling those? Coating and vacuum baking process. 15, battery before priming vacuum baking of why? Try to remove the batteries in the water and solvent. 16, battery why weighing before filler? In order to accurately calculate how much liquid injection rate.
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