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Battery explosion and lithium battery explosion protection measures

by:UFO      2020-05-20
Lithium battery safety is always an important problem of the industrialization of lithium battery, battery explosion exposure in recent years has no exception is caused by the lithium battery, compared with other types of batteries, this is decided by the special properties of the lithium battery materials and process. Therefore, should be lithium battery explosion of knowledge, we try from the following three aspects. A, what is the battery explosion? National standard regulation, the solid material of any part of the instantaneous discharge, is pushed to the lithium battery more than 25 cm distance called explosion. Experiments of recognition method is: will a circular mesh covered experimental cell, make the battery in the center position, namely, net of any part for 25 cm, if the experiment without solid part through the net, prove that unexploded battery. Here is specific to be shown for 'net' : cable diameter of 0. 25 mm soft aluminum wire, network density is 6 ~ 7 root/cm. Second, how to prevent the lithium battery explosion? All lithium battery explosion is caused by short circuit battery heating, and the causes of short circuit and overcharge, discharge, positive negative direct docking, electrolyte leakage, etc. So, in the design of lithium battery, can begin from the following points: 1, the battery overcharge to 4 is prohibited. More than 2 v; 2, ban battery in 2. Below 75 v; 3, in the metal shell with the explosion-proof valve; 4, prevent short circuit in the process. Of course, the best way is to have battery protection circuit board design. While this would increase the cost of the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries, but is necessary for the safe use of lithium-ion batteries, all normal lithium battery manufacturer's product proves this design. Three, polymer lithium battery will explode? Polymer lithium battery is made of soft packaging and polymer electrolyte and a lithium battery products, under normal circumstances the use and storage of will not explode, unless human strength destruction caused the short circuit. In order to reduce the explosion accidents, polymer lithium battery is used more and more places, and although lithium-ion batteries for other types of batteries are still in the process, but in the lithium battery type, polymer lithium battery has already begun to replace the normal lithium battery in some fields.
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