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Are deep cycle batteries better?


In another article explaining deep cycle a battery, we know the characteristics of the two types of deep cycle batteries and starting batteries, and in some circumstances, you may want to use the starting battery for dual-purpose. In this situation, are the deep cycle batteries better?


Comparing the two types of batteries from the angle of structure and material as shown below, deep cycle batteries have the following advantages of longer cycle life, larger capacity, improved cycling ability, and less water loss.

lithium ion deep cycle battery

Deep cycle battery
Starting battery
Grids & PlatesThickerThinner
Active materialHigh densityLower density
AntimonyHigh percentageLower percentage
SeparatorRubber with a glass matGlass fiber mat soaked in sulfuric acid

Can we draw the conclusion that deep cycle batteries are better? Not really. It depends on your needs for the battery. We know that a high burst of power is required for the car to get started, which is small in amount, and thus starter battery suits the requirement. But for camping? Can the regular lithium starting battery make do as the dual-purpose battery?


lithium starting battery

It’s not suggested to do so. We need power supply for camping, as well as lithium marine over a longer period of time, which is what the deep cycle battery is designed for due to its ability to be constantly discharged and recharged. When it comes to the starter battery, damage will be made if it is utilized for the deep cycle applications. A direct result is shortened lifespan of the starter battery, and in this case, it is out of warranty. Multi-purposing the starter battery is not a good idea. Below is the general expected lifespan of different batteries if you try to deep cycle the battery for your reference.

Battery TypeExpected Lifespan
Starting battery3-13 months
Marine battery1-6 years
AGM deep cycle battery4-7 years
Gel cell deep cycle battery2-5 years
Flooded lead acid deep cycle battery4-8 years

All in all, it depends on your requirement for the battery when you compare between different types of batteries. If you are looking for a battery to supply power for longer time periods, lithium ion deep cycle battery is a better choice, otherwise the starter battery is the right option.

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