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Advantages of new lithium ion battery

by:UFO      2020-01-11
Here are advantages of new lithium ion battery: 1. High voltage

The working voltage of single battery is as high as 3. 7-3. 8V (Lithium iron phosphate is 3. 2 V), Is Ni-Cd, Ni-3 times of H battery.

2. Large specific energy

The actual specific energy that can be achieved at present is about 555Wh/kg, I . e. the specific capacity of the material can reach more than 150 mAh/g (3-4 times Ni-Cd, 2-3 times Ni-MH), Is close to about 88% of its theoretical value.

3. Long cycle life

can generally reach more than 500 times, even more than 1000 times, and lithium iron phosphate can reach more than 2000 times. For electrical appliances with small current discharge, the service life of the battery will double the competitiveness of the electrical appliances.

4. Good safety performance

pollution-free and memory-free. As Li- The lithium battery of ion's predecessor, because metal lithium is easy to form dendrites and short circuit, has reduced its application field: Li- The ion does not contain cadmium, lead, mercury and other elements that pollute the environment: some processes (Such as sintering type)Ni- One of the major drawbacks of Cd batteries is the memory effect, which severely restricts the use of batteries, but Li-Ion does not have such problems at all.

5, small self-discharge

Li- The self-discharge rate of ion after one month of storage is about 2%, which is much lower than Ni-25 of the Cd-30%, Ni, MH 30-35%.

6, can quickly charge and discharge

1C charging capacity can reach more than 80% of the nominal capacity in 30 minutes, and now the phosphorus iron battery can reach 90% of the nominal capacity in 10 minutes.

7. High operating temperature range

The operating temperature is- 25 ~ 45℃, with the improvement of electrolyte and positive electrode, it is expected to expand-40 ~ 70 ° C.

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