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Advantages of lithium ion battery

by:UFO      2020-01-03

lithium ion battery is a kind of rechargeable battery, which mainly relies on lithium ion moving between positive and negative electrodes to work. Traditionally, the process of lithium ion entering the cathode material is called embedding, and the process of leaving is called de-embedding; The process of lithium ion entering the negative electrode material is called insertion, and the process of leaving is called de-insertion. Lithium ion batteries are easily confused with the following two battery concepts:

lithium battery: Although it is often used as a short name for lithium ion batteries. However, strictly speaking, lithium batteries are lithium primary batteries, which contain lithium.

lithium ion polymer battery: a lithium ion battery that replaces liquid organic solvent with polymer has good safety.


high energy density: It varies with different electrode materials, and can reach 150 ~ 200Wh/kg (540 ~ 720kJ/kg); Calculated by volume, up to 250 ~ 530Wh/L (0. 9 ~ 1. 9kJ/cm3).

high open circuit voltage: different due to different electrode materials, up to 3. 3 ~ 4. 2 V.

high output power: different due to different electrode materials, up to 300 ~ 1500 W/kg (@ 20 seconds).

No Memory effect: lithium iron phosphate lithium ion battery has no memory effect, the battery can be charged and discharged at any time without emptying the electricity, and the use and maintenance are simple.

low self-discharge: <5% ~ 10%/month. Due to the built-in monitoring circuit, the working current of the intelligent lithium ion battery is even higher than the self-discharge current.

Wide operating temperature range: Available in-20 ° C ~ Normal operation between 60 ° C.

fast charging and discharging speed

Therefore, lithium ion batteries are widely used in consumer electronics, Military Products, aviation products, etc.

health and durability (Increased life) Lithium batteries are well preserved. The average life span of lithium batteries is about 4 years, which is 1. 5% longer than that of lead-acid batteries. About 5 times, charging and discharging more than 500 times, the battery has no memory and strong shock resistance.

The lithium battery opens up the odd meridians from an early age, so that under normal temperature, the lithium battery can be continuously charged for 48 hours without accidents such as battery expansion, leakage and rupture, the capacity is kept above 95%. And under the special charger, fast charging and discharging can be carried out.

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