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About the development of our future lithium batteries

by:UFO      2020-05-24
Low cost, high performance, high power, high safety, green environment is the development direction of lithium ion batteries. As mentioned earlier, lithium ion battery, as a typical example of a new type of energy, has very obvious advantages, but also has some shortcomings to be improved. In recent years, in the lithium ion battery cathode active material, research and development and application of the function of the electrolyte is active in the world, and has made great progress. Lithium ion battery research is a kind of continuously updated battery system, many new research in physics and chemistry for lithium ion batteries have a significant impact. Such as nano solid electrodes are likely to make the lithium ion battery has a higher energy density and power density, thus greatly increase the application range of lithium ion batteries. Research of lithium ion battery is a involving chemistry, physics, materials, energy, electronics, and many other disciplines, cross area. Now the progress has caused in the field of chemical power supply industry and industry of great interest. Can be expected, with the deepening of the research, designed a variety of neat structure from the molecular level or doped composite structure of the positive and negative electrode materials and electrolyte matching function will strongly promote the research and application of lithium ion batteries. Lithium ion batteries will be after nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride batteries, in a long time in the future, the market prospect is the best and fastest growing a secondary battery. Lithium ion batteries will replace lead-acid, Ni/MH battery further, continue to expand its application field and market share. Lithium ion battery has created a brilliant, but the future will have more brilliant.
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