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A New Glass Battery? What Is The Companion of Solar Energy?


A New Glass Battery? What Is The Companion of Solar Energy? 

Recently, it is reported that a new glass battery is moving to the commercialization stage of development with Canadian electric utility Hydro-Quebec. This new glass battery technology was developed by John Goodengough, who is awarded the Nobel Prize 2019 in chemistry for the development of lithium-ion batteries, and Maria Helena Braga, a visiting research fellow at UT Austin and engineering professor at the University of Porto in Portugal.

The electrolyte of the new glass battery, which allows the ions flow between the cathode and anode, is a form of glass doped with metals like lithium or sodium. A research paper outlined that this new lithium- or sodium-doped glass electrolyte offers a new medium for novel battery chemistry and physics. Since it is solid state electrolyte, it seems to hold the expectation for not only having higher energy density and storing more energy with a light weight, but also low risk of fire or explosion.

With the advantages of lithium-ion battery, a variety of application from consumer electronics to electric vehicle, energy storage and so on are depend on it. For the past years, the number of solar energy storage system for residential and commercial uses is increasing because it leads to a renewable and greener world. Since solar energy system are sometimes put in in properties or workplace buildings, security is a precedence in the selection of battery for solar programs. Good quality and safer material for battery is what people looks for because it reduces the risk of insecurity like fire and ensure a wiser investment which will not flop in the long run. As more and more people are counting on the solar for power supply, LiFePO4 batteries have been used as their reliable option than traditional battery like lead-acid battery for energy storage system.

So, why Lithium Iron phosphate batteries are favorable nowadays? Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries have a better stability in thermal and chemical which makes it much safer than the other lithium-ion batteries. They are highly unlikely to catch fire in case of overcharge or other improper operation during use. The characteristic of stability makes it have a good performance in overcharge conditions and even withstand high temperature condition. The phosphate chemistry also offers a longer cycle life than traditional lead-acid battery without frequent replacement. Besides, Lithium iron phosphate batteries are virtually maintenance-free, to allow them to be put in in attics, crawl areas, outbuildings, or different out-of-the method areas which may be inconvenient to entry. Actually, some batteries are not eco-friendly. Fortunately, the material for lithium iron phosphate batteries is nontoxic and hence it is greener than the other different batteries in the market which are hard to recycle.

UFO LiFePO4 battery is cost-effective for customers to consider for that we have manufacture custom LiFePO4 battery pack for different applications for more than a decade. Our battery design team uses the latest electronic design technology and our self-developed BMS to optimize the reliability, safety of your custom LFP battery packs. Our lithium iron phosphate batteries not only provide dependable rechargeable power for your energy storage products but also help you reduce carbon footprint for a earth-friendly world.

Things are always change. Every breakthrough of battery technology pushes the possibility in energy storage and create a promising green world for humans. UFO BATTERY always keep our mission in mind that manufacture reliable lithium-ion battery for our customer and make efforts to help build a eco-friendly world. 

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