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A Guide to Build Lithium-ion Battery


A Guide to Build Lithium-ion Battery

With the favorable features of lightweight, small size, high capacity as well as maintenance free, lithium-ion battery has come into common use in a variety of application nowadays.

When it comes to high power applications, a single lithium-ion cell is hard to supply power for these application because of the insufficient voltage and capacity. In order to meet this requirement, combining lithium-ion cells in series or in parallel is necessary so as to elevate the voltage and capacity for delivering sufficient power.

So, what do you need when building lithium-ion battery?

(1) Choosing high quality lithium battery cells. The cells is like our heart which is the essential part to make things work, including store the energy and supply power. High quality lithium battery cells are inherently safe by design. The bad reputation that lithium batteries get comes from the few rare cases of poor quality knock-off batteries catching fire due to flawed design.

(2) Considering a brand-name protection circuit board which is the core component in building lithium-ion batteries. The charge balance of batteries during charging is of great important for the battery’s safety and lifetime. A good-quality protection circuit board can not only effectively protect the battery cells from overcharging and over discharging but also make sure each cell is charged as full as possible. In order to building a safer lithium-ion battery, remember to buy a good protection circuit board if you build by yourself.

(3) To combine the cells you have to spot-weld them together using nickel strips. So, a good welding skill is needed.

(4) Making the circuit reasonable. Keep in mind that choose the suitable electric wires according to the battery current in the circuit to ensure the welding quality and prevent the lithium-ion battery from overloading or other insecurity.

Tips for assembling lithium-ion battery safely

(1) Pairing of lithium-ion battery cells are necessary including capacity, internal resistance, voltage and other parameters. Meanwhile, the cells with different self-discharge rate should be pick out.  As long as you use high quality lithium battery from profession manufacturer, the safety of battery can be guaranteed. UFO BATTERY is a good brand to consider because its production line go over every cells with strict regulation before building lithium-ion batteries so as to avoid the unbalanced charge within cells.

(2) Reasonable design of protection circuit board and appropriate protection threshold value for charge and discharge, overcurrent. Besides, make sure the structure of your lithium-ion battery are in  a consolidated state which means that the cells are firmly fastened and cannot move.

(3) Pay attention to the direction of nickel strip on the cell, as well as all of the wires, this is both critical for avoiding accidentally short circuit and other potentially dangerous while working.

(4) Quality testing is necessary after lithium-ion battery building. Remember that each performance should be tested in emulated environment according to the actual demand, and each basic performance of the battery should be tested at the same time to ensure the safety of battery.

In order to choose the right battery for your project, you’ll need to know three main specifications: the voltage, current, and energy capacity requirements of your project. Since you may save some money by building your own lithium-ion battery, however, choosing a professional lithium-ion battery manufacturer is also a wise investment for most people for the sake of safety. The engineers are able to provide you with a complete solution depending on the specific requirements of voltage and capacity. When selecting battery, considering about a brand-name lithium-ion battery with higher security, such as UFO Lithium Battery. UFO BATTERY has more than a decade experience in lithium-ion battery manufacturing and with a series of quality test rules, the performance of batteries are tested in details before delivery to ensure their safety. 

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