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5 Benefits of Portable Power Generator that Fuel Generators Do Not have


As the anxiety levels brought on by the uncertainty associated with the coronavirus reached higher, many of us have experience the lockdown. When everything becomes normal, you might be so inclined to think about an outdoor recreation. If you would like to enjoy a little modern convenience and comfort of home on your trip into the nature, there is a solution related to power supply we thought you should know about, called a portable power station. In order to provide closer access to nature, this portable power station can also be powered by solar energy, which gains another name-- solar generator.

What is a portable power station/ solar generator?

A portable power station is actually a kind of rechargeable battery. The battery can be charged through a regular wall outlet or a DC port coming out of your car. The units that are often referred to as solar generators are the batteries that can be charged with a solar panel. Powered by lithium-ion battery, the units can keep your gear charged, from smartphones, laptops, to small appliances, like fan, drone, lights, etc.

What Can Portable Power Station Do?

In general, the DC input port collects and store the electricity/ energy from an AC outlet or a solar panel and send power to a device through DC car port, AC outlet, built-in USB ports and TYPE-C port. As the name “portable” suggested, it means that you are able to be more self- sufficient in power supply wherever you are, such as in the campsite, in house which is without the protection of solar+ battery storage to against power outages, or in a rescue. Some units also come with integrated LED lighting module that allows lighting and SOS flashlights. UFO POWER 500Wh portable power station is such machine allowing you to create electricity for some small devices in times of emergency or in off-grid areas. 

Various Application Fields 
Whether you are in a campsite, an expedition, in an emerengency or others, portable power station can make the power source available for you. 

What are the benefits of portable power station compared to gas- or diesel- powered generators?

With the trend of utilizing renewable energy such as solar, the market for portable power station/ solar generators is steadily growing. It is a new alternative to traditional gas- or diesel- powered generators. So, what is the advantages?

01 Compact size

For most of the time, devices easily to be transported is preferred in a camping trip because no one likes to move the heavy devices up and down for several times. A portable power station is at least 3 times smaller than a gas generator. Therefore, a compact and lightweight power station is a popular solution to make you better enjoy your trip. Besides, power supply for small appliances in a camping trip only running for a short time instead of operating for the whole long day. For short-time power supply, a portable power station has enough capacity to power. With a compact size weighting at 6kg, a 500Wh UFO portable power station is convenient to use and move in an outdoor recreation or in an emergency.

02 Quiet

When using traditional fuel powered generator, a buzzing noise from generators’ engine will along with you all your camping trip. But there is no engine in a battery-powered portable power station, which helps cut out the main noise when you are powering your appliances. With a quiet lithium portable power station, you have no worry about noisy generator to bother people, chatting around the campfire could be easier and no shouting is required. These makes battery powered portable power station a great choice for outdoor recreations. In a UFO POWER portable power station, a fan free design is added to make the solar generator quieter when using. 


03 Safe

The carbon monoxide that produced by the traditional fuel generator could be noxious for human which makes it needs some safety measures like not to use it in a house. A crucial pro of lithium portable power station is the absence of carbon monoxide. It releases no toxic fumes making it a safe choice for supplying power. Despite the bad news reporting some lithium batteries of catching fire, a UFO POWER li-ion battery that is rigorously tested have overcome those defects and is a safe option for generating power under proper operation.

04 Multiple charging methods

A power source for charging is sometimes hard to find in some remote campsite or on your trek in the wild, a compact size portable power station that easily carried is able to offer your multiple

Power sources. Charging can not only come from nature energy like sun power with portable solar panels, but also from some common available way including a car port or a regular wall outlet.

Multiple Power Sources
DC Car Port Charging
Easy Access to Power

05 Peace of Mind & Environmental Friendly

Whether you are on the adventure, a camping trip, a weekend getaway, or a outdoor family times, what a portable lithium power station can bring you is peace of mind. Take a UFO POWER 500 portable power station to make your electronic devices stay power up and enjoy the happy hours at campsite, adventure, garden party, etc. Additionally, it is a ideal home backup power to prepare for some unexpected moment. When in the wake of storm or power outage, this backup power is able to help you stay connected and away from darkness through powering some basic electronic appliance such as lighting and smartphones during the emergency time. Conventional gas- or diesel- powered generator can release fumes and toxic gas when operating while the portable power station is rechargeable lithium-ion battery which can store power that generated from nature solar energy for free, it definitely provides a more environmental friendly way for power supply. 

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