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18650 lithium battery technology has a soft spot, beware of mobile power accident

by:UFO      2020-05-25
Smartphones, tablets, including apple products, because of the built-in lithium battery of combustion and explosion accidents make people to drive the same power of mobile power products is full of doubt, consumers worried about mobile power or will become another source of this kind of insecurity, and 18650 lithium-ion battery technology is one of its weaknesses. As the world's most mature technology of liquid lithium ion battery types, 18650 cylindrical lithium-ion battery or in the form of monomer, or in the form of a battery is widely used in mobile devices, especially on the tablets and smartphones; However, 18650 battery structure characteristics make it inevitably there are some defects, from already reported the explosion accident, by 18650 lithium batteries ( Group) Short circuit caused by: if use undeserved or because the batteries design problems of its own, can make the lithium-ion batteries ( Group) Internal pressure is too big, in the case of leakage of pressure, the hard shell of the battery, Steel shell or aluminum) Pressure, causing the shell exploded. The current mobile power products with lithium battery as energy storage unit, this kind of 'lithium battery' have two kinds of technical route, is a kind of liquid lithium ion battery batteries, for 18650 model is the most mature technology, thus represented by 18650 lithium batteries. The so-called 18650 lithium-ion batteries, is its diameter is 18 mm, height is 65 mm in terms of specifications; The other is a polymer lithium-ion batteries, general design for the square lithium battery. Polymer lithium batteries because of its shape can be arbitrary, and also be used as a lot of electric equipment, if use mobile power supply, can make the demands of consumers for mobile power supply miniaturization, thin. Polymer lithium battery, however, because the material is different from a liquid lithium ion battery, so the factory cost is higher. Many consumers for mobile power supply of high capacity and low price seems to be endless pursuit, they don't understand, in both the level of battery technology, the requirements of the two are conflicting. Is currently in a line of a few mobile power brands, such as feathers, quality win, product can in order to open the market access, without exception, the early stage of the 18650 battery technology will adopt the price is relatively cheap, as I mentioned earlier, 18650 battery in other application problems in the mobile terminal to the mobile power supply can not completely avoid, consumer concern about commercial mobile power supply is not alarmist, if consumers inadvertently bought inferior mobile power supply, or to overcharge, can make the mobile power supply when the electrolytic electrolytic hydrogen in the process of work, give higher than normal levels of heat, and can not effectively prevent, it's for battery internal short circuit causing explosion, burning the seeds. So consumers in addition to choose polymer lithium battery mobile power supply, and select the product of normal manufacturer, our price is slightly higher, but security is assured.
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