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rechargeable batteries 3.7V 700mAh Lithium battery
Product Type:U14500-3.7V
Lithium battery features high quality, large capacity, and long cycle life, eco-friendly. We provide battery custom solutions. Please click custom quote request if you can not find the right battery for you.

High quality standard to manufacture

UFO Energy has a deeply cooperate with China Weapon Industry Group. Our tenet is “Using military standard to manufacture civil product”; make a full use of military product high-tech resources to improve high-tech industry of integrating the army with the people Actually capacity in amp-hours guaranteed

Our flat lithium cells have a better form factor than cylindrical cells for a variety of applications, these cells are predominantly found in cell phones, PDAs, cameras etc. No universal format exists and each manufacturer designs its own. We don't inflate our specifications as many companies do. The capacity in amp-hours is guaranteed, and will be exceeded most of the time.

Lithium battery cell

The flat lithium battery cell improves space utilization and allows flexible design but it can be more expensive to manufacture, less efficient in thermal management and have a shorter cycle life than the cylindrical design.

Flat lithium battery cell design brings highest density

The cell surprised the battery world with a radical new design. Rather than using a metallic cylinder and glass-to-metal electrical feed-through for insulation, conductive foil tabs welded to the electrode and sealed to the pouch carry the positive and negative terminals to the outside.

The rechargeable batteries pouch cell

The pouch cell offers a simple, flexible and lightweight solution to battery design. Exposure to high humidity and hot temperature can shorten service life.

It makes the most efficient use of space and achieves a 90 to 95 percent packaging efficiency, the highest among battery packs. The pouch pack finds applications in consumer, military, as well as automotive applications. No standardized pouch cells exist; each manufacturer builds the cells for a specific application.

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