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SH02008009 2S Li-ion/ LiFePO4 Battery Pack PCM/BMS/PCB
Product Type:SH02008009
Buy SH02008009 PCM for 2S Li-ion/ LiFePO4 battery pack from UFO Eergy maufacturer, we have over 15 years experiece in providing lithium battery and related products such as battery pack BMS/PCB.
1、 When using this product, anti-static measures must be prepared! To avoid static shock damage to the product.
2、 Should be to protect the wiring board in order from low-potential line-by-root access to the high potential conductor.
3、 Install protection board, extreme pressure should be taken to avoid mechanical damage to the protection board, the assembly can not be too tight, squeezing the assembly can not be forced;
4、 Note that the use of lead, iron, tin slag, etc. Do not touch the circuit board, may damage the circuit board.
5、 Follow the course of the design parameters and conditions of use, must not violate the parameters used in this specification. 
SH02008009 pcm for battery pack
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