1. Norminal voltage: 51.2V
2. Nominal capacity: 100Ah
3. Cell combination: 36130170-15S2P+Smart BMS
4. Charging current: 100A
5. Continuouse discharging current: 150A
6. Discharging working temperature: -20~60℃
7. Charging working temperature: 0-45℃
8. Dimensions(mm): 551(L)*370(W)*200(T) mm 
9. Weight: 63KG
10, Communication port: CNA
MOQ: 1 pack

Key feature

1. Compact modular integration
2. Easy connection in series or parallel
3. Intelligent battery management system
4. Built-in cell monitoring and balancing
5. Real-time monitoring
6. Multi-level safety design
7. Temperature detection function
8. Alarm function 
9. High charge & discharge current
10. With touch LCD to easy read the battery data and operate without connecting to PC

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