U-Series BMS 8S 150A SMBUS                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

1. Supply power specification : 24V
2. Supply current, active mode : 25MA
3. Supply current, Low-Power Mode : 5MA
4. Supply current, off mode : 60UA
5. Cell voltage meansurement resolution : 1.5MV              
6.Leakage : 1NA
7. Measurement Period : 250MS
8. Passive balance current : 100MA                            
9. Balancing Wendow : 3.45V                                  
10.Voltage difference : 40MV                                  
11. Isolated Can Communication : 2.5Kv rms isolation          
12. Maximum Date Rate : 1 MBPS                                
13. Internal Pull-UPS : 10 kΩ


Key Feature 

Measures 8 cell voltages in series  IAR (Intelligent Automatic Reconnect):
Measures 4 cell temperatures automatically reconnects the battery post-fault
Thermal management peripheral control when safe operating conditions are met
Capable of 150A continuous charge , BMS power input from 12.5-36 V
or discharge current , Onboard current sensor monitoring
Usable in parallel with other U-Series BMS , Extreme low-power mode
battery packs , Fault management and diagnostics
100 mA passive cell balancing , User configurable alarm thresholds
State of Charge, State of Health, capacity, and , LED indicators(Optional): State of Charge, DC resistance calculations run, and alarm
 Isolated RS-485 、CANBUS , On/off push button(Optional)
Monitors internal PCB temperature ,Data logging
Detects loose cell-to-cell connections , Alarm logging of up to 1000 alarm events with Protects against: short circuit,overvoltage, 64 data points each
undervoltage, overcurrent, over-temperature , PCBA manufactured in ISO Class 5 cleanroom Onboard high-power FET with protection

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