---Lower I.R(Internal Resistance) with higher MP(Medial Platform of Voltage)

 ---Longer life cycle: 2000+ cycles

 ---Can be charged with 3C+ when time is critical

 ---Precision-balanced: Less than 30mVs Voltage difference among Individual Cells

 ---Green Product: All materials adopted have ROSH Certification

 ---Balance Charge Plug: JST-XH or Selected

 ---Discharge Plug: Female Dean Plug or Selected

 ---Charging temperature: 0 C ~ +45 °C

 ---Operating temperature range: -20 °C ~ +70 °C

 ---OEM Provided: Customer can choose:

 A. The Color of Heat-shrinkable tube

 B. Discharge Plug

 C. Balance Connector

 D. Wire Size: Both Discharge Wire Size & Charge Wire Size

Long cycle life: 2000+cycles 
2.High energy density 
3.Flexible sizes and shapes 
4.High safety 
5.No memory effect.                   


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