High capacity LiFePO4 battery pack for power storage

High capacity LiFePO4 battery packs for power storage, for their integration, miniaturization,lightweight, unattended, energy-saving and environmental protection, are more and more widely used in access network equipment, remote exchange, mobile communication equipment, transmission equipment,satellite ground station and microwave communication equipment such as communication field as a backup power supply.

Now lithium iron phosphate battery system products, are increasingly being favored in the communication industry. With the higher and higher capacity of a single core from tens of AH to hundreds of AH, the lithium iron phosphate battery system is gradually becoming a large capacity energy storage equipment of a large power station, data center room, power grid electricity, military field applications .

High capacity LiFePO4 battery pack for power storage(1) The positive pole of the battery is made of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) material. It has good safety performance, long cycle life, high energy density.

(2) The battery system uses BMS management module with high performance.It has good protection functions of overcharge, short circuit, over current, temperature protection function, and makes a battery system and host good communication.

(3) It has automatic charging and discharging management, and it has direct access to the base station system without changing the base station configuration. Its monitor module can automatically monitor the measurement of the battery charging and discharging.It also monitors the battery charging and discharging management.and manages the charging and float discharging.

(4)It has the second electric function.The battery voltage will send alarm information when the voltage is lower than the warning value. When the voltage is too low, it has the second electric voltage to protect the battery.

(5) The BMS has good electromagnetic compatibility.

(6) The BMS has the whole intelligent design with configuration of a centralized monitoring module. with GPRS wireless transmission function of telemetry, remote communication and remote control). Also it realizes unattended management.and communicates with the remote central monitoring to meet the high requirements of the development of modern communication technology;

(7) The organic combination of power control technology and computer, can be for real-time monitoring and controlling various parameters and state.

(8) Flexible configuration:The backup time can extend the system by parallel use of several modules to improve the output power and expand capacity.

(9) The system is configured heating management according to customers’needs by using self-induced temperature through the special equipment in the cabinet for heating chassis. It overcomes the weakness of low resistance of the lithium iron phosphate battery. In this way, it can be used in normal in -20 to +75 DEG C.

The following different battery packs:

High capacity LiFePO4 battery pack for power storage

UFO-LiFePO4-48V 10Ah
UFO-LiFePO4-48V 30Ah
UFO-LiFePO4-48V 40Ah
UFO-LiFePO4-48V 100Ah
UFO-LiFePO4-48V 200Ah
UFO-LiFePO4-48V 300Ah
UFO-LiFePO4-48V 500Ah

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