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In earlier years, nickel-cadmium battery is used for medical devices, which has memory effect and contains heavy metal cadmium eroding medical device, it has out of use now. Soon afterwards, rechargeable Ni-MH battery is used popular, but it also has strong memory effect with little cycle life, this made it can’t replacement of nickel-cadmium battery still. With the battery technology development, lithium battery is now gradually broad used in the medical device because of its characteristic of safety, green environment protection, high density and high discharge etc.


Eco-friendly and long cycle life

LiFePO4 battery has no harmful material of cadmium, lead, mercury and will not irritate to skin. If we make use of its high rate recharge and discharge characteristic, we can shorten its recharge and discharge time efficiently. To comply with medical device demands of environment protection, safety and reliable, we use LiFePO4 battery assembly battery pack. Because of superior material selection and unique technology, it accomplished with excellent characteristic of environment protection, excellent safety, long cycle life etc.

The best modeling design

The battery design drawing:


LiFePO4 38120 cells, 4S1P, 12.8V, 10Ah. 128Wh
Finished battery design sketch:

Protection Circuit:
This kind of medical device use UFO PCM solution, the PCM select superior material, SEIKO IC with low current consumption, we select the most suitable current protection value after many times of testing to provide efficiently protection of over current, over voltage and over temperature.

Battery Characteristic

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