Compatible with all sorts of RFID

RFID (radio frequency identification devices), also known as electronic labels, radio frequency identification, can identify specific target by radio signal and read and write the related data, without identification system and establish a mechanical or optical contact between specific goals. The current RFID technology application is very wide, such as logistics and supply management, document tracking/library management, entrance guard system/electronic tickets, mail/express parcel processing, aviation baggage handling, food safety traceability, etc.

Best battery ensure highly reliable

Barcode application information terminal collect a variety of performance, function in the integration of rugged, simple handset has strong expansibility and connectivity. Its application needs to have large capacity battery, at the same time, need through the snow, fog, ice, paint, dirt, and can't use the bad environment of reading bar code labels, and to ensure that can be sustained continuously work and improve efficiency, large capacity of storage can be saved more electronic tag data, to meet the requirements of the mobile data rapid acquisition. So you need to have very reasonable built-in battery solutions

Classic 18650 series presented

Cooperate to solve the application of bar code scanner use time is long, complex environment requirements, such as poor use of lithium battery with high energy density, high voltage, no pollution, does not contain lithium metal, high cycle life, no memory effect, can fast charge, and low self-discharge, our company production of 18650 cylindrical lithium-ion batteries was presented in this paper.


Batteries to choose good consistency, long cycle life, small volume of 18650 type cylindrical battery, 2500 MAH monomer batteries capacity, assembly capacity at 5 ah, 7.4V , the total power for 37 WH.

Batteries charging curve

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