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UFO Energy provides one-stop electronic pen battery solutions. Limited space for custom circuit is simple and stable, easy to mass production of battery products, the cost is lower. Free configure design for customer’s battery.


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Our outdoor stereo audio amplifier design requirements for battery: First the battery must be durable, second is that the current can be adjusted anytime to control volume. In this paper we use the high-performance Samsung 18650, so that the entire battery to achieve high capacity, small size, long cycle life, safe and reliable, high stability, and light weight etc.

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Battery specific design :
Cell Type and Model:Lithium 18650 2600mAh Battery
Cell Outer Dimension: Φ18.3 ±0.2mm×64.9±0.3mm (L)

By the way, we are experienced in OEM projects and are well-equipped with sophisticated production machinery to entertain every OEM order.

Discharge Curves

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