LiFePO4 battery brings surprising

Earlier, some of the tractor and golf cart used Lead-Acid batteries as the main battery to power the device, but because of the battery causes environmental pollution, big, short cycle life and heavy, end will be eliminated to bowl out. With the growing of sophistication technology, LiFePO4 battery will increase the Electric Car technology to another level. As the same capacity, its cycle life are 3 or 4 times than Lead-Acid, but the volume is half of Lead-Acid, so electric car is much lighter than before, more electricity save and start faster.

Design idea of LiFePO4 batteries

LiFePO4 battery has advantages of high energy density, small size, light load, long cycle life, no memory effect, low self-discharge, which does not contain harmful metal substances such as Cadmium, Lead, Mercury and others can meet Rohs. In order to leverage these advantages, we intensify our efforts to research and develop LiFePO4 battery application for the power supply of car. We choose LiFePO4 cells with high safety performance. Item U11065145Fe, capacity is 9Ah which assembled by 4 series and 2 parallel, total power 230Wh.

Stable and safety performance

PCM uses high quality PCB, imported IC control and low internal resistance MOS to ensure its stable performance with low heat, and reduced the impact of PCM to keep the battery’s stable operation. Golf cart is designed for outdoor use, so it has high variable current, in order to increase the value of product, make it safe and stable work, we choose the most appropriate over current protection value after many tests.

Charger 1. Constant current and constant voltage function. Prevent lithium battery overcharge. 
2. Using pilot light to indicate that the battery is full or not.
3. Use the alloy shell of good heat dissipation.

Battery charging curve

Customer measurement of battery discharge curve

Cycling test

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