safety and customized design

This e-cigarette adopts design of aluminum-plastic flexible package which has greatly improved safety performance of battery and all products can pass through tests including needling, short circuit, vibration, collision, impact by heavy object, free fall, over-discharging and storage, etc. Shape of battery can be designed and customized in accordance with customer’s demand.


Excellent battery characteristic

No PCB, so we use protected battery for this e-cigarette. Standard voltage is 3.7V. Battery’s internal resistance is low, energy density is high and discharge rate is high. 1.2A discharge platform is stable and can be charged rapidly. Cycle life is long, remaining capacity for 100 times of cycling is over 90% and remaining capacity for 300 times of cycling is over 85%. Battery owns good performance under high and low temperature and its adaptable temperature is –20℃ to 60℃ Self-discharging is low and battery can be stored for a long time.

More than 400 cycling life expected

Today’s batteries, specifically in lithium polymer batteries, can last much longer than their disposable predecessors. They are also rechargeable, meaning you can use them over and over again, this make e-cigarette possible to replace of traditional cigarette. Our high quality e-cigarette battery design expects 400 cycling life we test if use it correctly.

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