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In the current of intelligentize and mobile officing, portable printer gets more and more popular, this portable printer, which can get over from the special host computer, are widely used in the supermarket, fast restaurant, hotel and so on. They play their own role in the enterprise of factory and logistics. We need change the work place of the battery frequently, so we should choose the Lithium Phosphate Battery, which has good safety performance and long cycle life.

Special battery pack and fuel gauge design

We use cylindrical LiFeO4 cell 26650 3.3Ah 3.2V to make this batteries with plastic case and wire which have UL certification, safety can be improved more.

We make the fuel gauge to manage and control the work condition of the battery for the printer, which can shows following information on the terminal of the printer through the I2C protocol: charge state, remain capacity, full charge capacity, voltage, current, temperature, manufacturer information, etc.

BMS safety protection with fuel gauge

Main Characteristic 
1. Protection of overcharge, over discharge, over current for the cells of 6S LiFeO4 pack. Different ports for charge and discharge.
2. Recover from over voltage, under voltage of every cell.
3. Supply temperature protection during charge and discharge, in addition, keep charge and discharge temperature separately. 
4. Supply two stage discharges over current protection, one stage charge over current protection. 
5. Supply protection of hardware discharge overload and charge and discharge short-circuit, relief the load or charger.
6. Passive charge balance which can make the cycle life longer. Balance the start voltage and current. The balance voltage difference can be set. 

Performance curve of the cell

1. Rated discharge curve
Conventional capacity of 26650 LiFeO4 cell is 3Ah, we can make it 3.3Ah, in addition, we can see from the following rated discharge curve. No matter discharged at 0.5C or 5C, the capacity is between 3.3Ah to 3.5Ah, have a good discharge platform.

2. Low temperature performance The discharge capacity is 3298mAh at 0.2C current and -10 ℃, the capacity at normal temperature is 3472mAh, low temperature discharge rate is 94%.

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