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500WH Potable energy storage supply
Product Type:UA500
A portable multi-functional energy storage bag based on lithium ion battery, which can output USB, TYPEC, DC, AC, common power interface, common voltage range, covering almost all kinds of small and medium-sized digital equipment, household appliances and on-board emergency appliances.
Key features :
1, The city power, solar energy, vehicle charging ,three kinds of power storage input, to solve a variety of mobile application scenarios.
2. Provide USB, typec interface, support QC3.0, PD3.0 and other mainstream fast charging protocols, covering more than 95% of digital equipment charging (mobile phones, tablets, NOTE).
3. Provide DC, cigar ligter DC interface, as a charging station for UAV and outdoor special equipment, at the same time, it can start the car emergency.
4. Provide AC, 110V or 220V sine wave power supply, 500-1000W, for ordinary household appliances, PC, power tools, to provide high-quality power supply.
5,500 WH-1000WH super-large capacity, built-in long life/high energy lithium-ion power battery, to meet long-term mobile applications.
1, The third generation of emergency start-up technology, no need to open the hood, no need to take a terrible clamp car into 7V, this through the car smoke intake charging, more than 10 minutes, the car voltage rise to 12.5V directly and start the car at one time, very safe, without the hood, directly sitting in the car to start.

2, Prevent it from rain /Water
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