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Rectifier controller
Product Type:DB48100-2T
This product Rectifier controller is mainly used indoor room or outdoor cabinet. It can be installed on the rack cases of the room and the battery cabinet in the outdoor station. It can meet the shared management of 2~4 groups differential battery packs.
Main Function of Rectifier Controller
●The floating charging and equalizing charging voltage of each battery port could been set up independently.
●The charging and discharging current of each battery port could been set up independently.
● The technical parameters of each battery port for differential battery pack could been set independently.
● The operating parameters(SOC/SOH/DOD) of each battery pack could been measured on live.
● Dynamically store running data of a certain number of Rectifier controller  and battery.
● Supporting battery pack sharing in different periods, capacities and brands.
● Support the sharing of lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries.
● Support lithium batteries for preferential discharging and lead-acid batteries as a spare.
● Support installation on walls, cable ladder and embedded installation.
Rectifier controller
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