What UFO Power® Do?

Ultra thin paper battery

Tiny Micro Lithium Battery

Curved Lithium Polymer Battery

UFO Power® Ultra Thin Paper Battery Fetures

 Thickness ranges from 0.20-0.50mm and weigh as light as 0.4g;
 Not containing any material that would do harm to environment, completely conforms to RoHS directive;
 More than 500 times of charge&discharge, service life can be up to 3-5 years without overheating, burning and leakage, etc;
 Not only can be charged by regular methods, but can also be charged wirelessly for card products containing battery sealed inside;

 Certain rigidities and flexibilities. Sealing without crumples and being able to endure bending in a certain degree and times;
 Meet the international standard of ISO7816 of smart card industry;
 Being widely used in active RFID, smart card and encryption system, etc;

Quality Control
UFO Power® is ahead of battery industry on R&D capabilities and technology innovative,all battery products acquired related certificate and patent from country. Our production arrange is strictly according to ISO9001:2000 standard, established a perfect inspection procedures and supplier management system to guarantee raw materials raw materials are in the SPC quality control, and real time monitoring manufacture system insure its stability to strengthen product's uniformity. Our product design base on APQP philosophy and adopt DFMEA method to care about product quality from the beginning with strict batch spot check to insure product quality. 

Our Customer:
We are now an application solution provider for the famous enterprise such as Emerson, Nike, Flextronics, HP, WD etc.

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